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  • SEO 2014: Connecting Customers and Content

    SEO 2014 SEO in 2014 is dead.  Right?  Not quite.  While SEO has certainly changed a lot in the past few years, the most important SEO ingredient remains:  your customer. Understand You Customer Knowing who your customer is, where your customer is, and what matters to your customer are the first steps in developing any […]

  • 8 Ways Marketing Can Negatively Impact Customer Experience
    Negative Customer Experience

    Companies have more marketing tools than ever before to connect and engage with their customers. Digital marketing allows companies to create user experiences specifically designed to attract their target audience, develop meaningful customer relationships, and create brand ambassadors. Positive user experience leads to new customer. Happy customer leads to free word of mouth advertising or […]

  • What Makes a Good Website?
    What makes a good website?

      Do you know what makes a good website? There are over 600 million websites worldwide, with 52 million added in 2012 alone. With all this competition, how do you make sure your website is seen and your message is heard? Let’s take a look at some of the major elements of a good website.  […]

  • Where Are Your Customers Online?
    Sandalfoot Marketing will help you discover where your customers are online and will put together a strategy to reach them.

    Before you invest in digital marketing and social media for your organization, first answer the question,  “Where are your customers online?”   And before you answer that, ask yourself, “How well do I know my customers?” How do your customers collect information? What influences their buying decision? Do you know which social media they prefer?  

  • What Does Your Brand Say About You?
    What does your brand say about you?

    When you think of a brand, what comes to mind?  Do you think of the logo (e.g., Nike)? The website (e.g., Amazon)? Do you think about the service you received (e.g., Marriott)?  Does the quality of the product exceed the competition (e.g., Whole Foods Market)? Do you think about the fun way the employees add […]

  • Are You Using Pinterest?

    With more than 12 million unique visitors and 11 million total visits per week, Pinterest is now the fastest growing social media network.  In fact, it is the fastest growing website in history – including Facebook.   It drives more referral traffic to retailers than YouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn combined and has already accrued over 1 […]

  • Social Media for B2B? Yes!
    B2B social media strategy

    Are you using social media for b2b marketing?  What’s stopping you? Let’s say you are a small business owner interested in hiring a graphics design company to create a logo. How do you gather a list of potential candidates? 

  • Choosing a PR Expert

      Not all PR experts are created equal!  Find the one who is right for you. Whether you are launching a new product, promoting an event, or trying to create interest in a cause, hiring an experienced public relations strategist can significantly impact your results.  Here are a few things to consider:

  • What’s Your Social Media Strategy

      You can’t do everything.  But you CAN do the best thing for you and your business. Before you create a social media strategy for your business—or even if you already have—it’s worth taking a fresh look at WHO you are trying to reach and WHY. 

  • Keeping Up With Facebook
    Sandalfoot Marketing - Keeping Up With Facebook

    The rules are changing again. Do you know how your Facebook marketing is being impacted? Just when you think you’ve got Facebook all figured out, new features are added, others are tweaked, and suddenly you are one of the millions frustrated by the latest round of innovations. 

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